About Seattle Made

In the summer of 2014, over 100 Seattle-based producers and manufacturers—makers of everything from chocolate to propellers—gathered alongside city, state, and allied non-profit orgs, to see how we could work together to grow our businesses, and help make Seattle a fantastic place to work and live.

The mission of Seattle Made is to grow and support a diverse ecosystem of urban manufacturers and producers that expand opportunities for local ownership and meaningful employment, build our region’s long-term resiliency, and celebrate Seattle’s unique cultural identity.


Why produce locally?

Producing locally—from food and energy to materials and consumer products—means more secure jobs and income for our region and less reliance on an often uncertain global economy. A broader, more vibrant local manufacturing sector will provide a more diverse base of living wage jobs, a more fertile landscape for entrepreneurs, and enormous opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of production and distribution. And—winning sports teams and Mount Rainier aside—few things elicit more local pride than saying, “Look—this was made right here in Seattle!”

Producer Spotlight


The Shrubbery

"The Shrubbery is, at its heart, about making and sharing delicious drinks with people.  Starting with locally sourced fruit, each batch is made by hand to capture the flavors of the season.  High quality wine vinegar adds acidity and preserves the flavor naturally, while cane sugar adds sweetness.  Whether you prefer a cocktail or a non-alcoholic mocktail, I know that you'll love the bright flavors our shrubs bring to your glass."

Owner and Proprietress, The Shrubbery


Peddler Brewing

Peddler Brewing Company is a microbrewery with a tasting room and large beer garden located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

"At Peddler, we strive to be a gathering place for beer lovers and support bicycling as an awesome way to get around our beautiful city." Owners Haley and Dave Keller spend their time making and selling beer, advocating for cycling, and riding bikes, so in a word, they’re Peddlers.



"Once upon time, there was a small, ambitious delicatessen on Mercer Island. 'Mavens' made all food from scratch with love. Traditional Jewish foods from Eastern Europe were updated with fresh, local ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. The deli may no longer be there, but its spirit and traditions live on in our craft pickles and preserves. Products are hand-produced with the original 'tradition, updated' recipes. We hope they bring you a little piece of the joy the Stopsky’s family came to cherish."