Cone & Steiner proudly features local, specialty, and staple goods.

coffee ・ pastries ・ produce
beer & wine ・ soda fountain
charcuterie ・ snacks ・ candy
dessert ・ mercantile ・ gifts

It all started over 100 years ago...

We believe that people come together over good food and drink.

A gathering place for everyone, we create community on all sides of the counter.

If you ever need to borrow a cup of sugar...

Upcoming Events

 Every week, we feature various local producers and artisans in each of our stores — showcasing the very best snacks, food, and beverages of the Pacific Northwest.


Featured Beverage

Each month, we highlight a selection of the best beer and wine. Join us for weekly tastings with the experts behind them.

— July: India Pale Ale —
enjoy 15% off selected beers