Dani Cone has three great loves: fine coffee, good food, and community.

In 2005, after over twelve years in the coffee industry, she opened Fuel Coffee, and by 2007 had expanded it to three locations. In 2008, during a troubled economy, High 5 Pie was launched to bring a little “delicious comfort” to tough times. Dani believes that people come together over good food and drink and strives to build places that create this experience. 

Dani believes that the neighborhood market is a true catalyst to creating community. Inspired by her great-grandfather's store one hundred years prior, Cone & Steiner General opened in 2014. 

Participation and Accolades

In the past twelve years, Dani’s businesses have been fortunate to gain local and national media attention (Martha Stewart, Food Network, Bon Appetit, Sunset, PSBJ 40 Under 40) and created great opportunities for other ways to connect to the local public such as speaking at TEDx (below), UW, SU, SAAS, and more. Love of community is a driving force for Dani, who greatly enjoys serving on the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce Board, the Capitol Hill Housing Board, the GSBA Small Business Council, and is Co-Founder of Seattle Entrepreneurial Women (SEWgsba), a Founding Member of Seattle Made, and actively participates in many neighborhood groups and events. Dani holds a BA in Business Economics from Willamette University.

Dani at TEDxRainier